When it works well, e-mail can be great. It's difficult to overcome e-mail to all keep in touch with the family to a request for information from businesses or other companies. Want to send the same message to more people? To communicate with someone across the continent? Send photos, manuscripts or other information? The speed and effectiveness of this tool almost immediately is one of the convenient features of modern life.

But e-mail is not without problems. If you enter the name of a specific recipient, but your message keeps bouncing, you can not sing the praises e-mail. Ditto for attachments that do not open or other similar genes. With a little patience, even if you can solve many problems immediately by email.

Which of the four common problems with e-solutions to overcome these obstacles.
Problem – Returned Messages

This can be frustrating for all the problems of e-mail. After taking time to create a message, click the 'Send' button and watch your task achieved. But the next thing you know, the message appears in the header of the box that it reaches its destination.


First, go to step easy to check to see the recipient's address is entered correctly. This may seem obvious, but from time to time, the only thing not misplaced a card, with a 'com' error instead of  'net' or similar. When you know the address is a common question of dual control of each character. Otherwise, you may need to experiment by sending multiple messages, or by entering alternative addresses with slight variations. Under this approach, to keep track of recent messages bounced back and compare the global address list he used. If you have sent four variations, but only three were returned, you have solved the problem by the eviction process.

Sometimes the cause of the problem belongs to the recipient. If messages to other addresses go, but not here, try to contact the recipient by other means, and denounce the situation. The reason for this can range from a temporary problem with the recipient's server to change mail service provider that point. In this case, just wait might be better to use. Or phone or other communications can be vital for you to get the correct e-mail. If the size of the messages may be returned, you may have a connection problem. See below for details.

These two problems common e-mail are fairly easy to determine, and the purified e-mail makes it even more enjoyable.

Problem 2 – You've Lost Your Connection

Sometimes, a failure to send or receive email and can be attributed to a loss of connection to the ISP.


When you see a “failure to connect” or “no response” message or determined otherwise could not connect, check to ensure that no physical problems.

First, check the cables and connections. Using a modem, listen to ensure it produces the usual sound-sharp calls. If not, the problem may be a loose connection. Locate the telephone cable that runs from the back of your PC to the phone line and then ensure that each end is plugged.

If you do not hear the expected number of votes, make sure the phone is still intact. If it looks worn, replace it. Other measures to ensure that the line is connected to the right door and check the phone socket that connects the power cord from a different terminal. If you hear the sound of the composition after all these steps, you are the winning connection.

Connection problems may be more common with dial-up modems through broadband connections, but also depend on physical connections. A loose cable or badly wired can be problematic. Sometimes there is a bug that can be best addressed by the repetition of parts of the initial setup. A simple solution touted by Verizon technical service representatives for some DSL (digital subscriber line) customers is to disconnect the three lines in the back of the modem and plug in a specific order. When taking this measure, the Internet connection is immediately resumed.

If you're online, but I get knocked down, the loss of connection may be the result of control of unwanted software. Outlook Express, for example, you can find the command Hang up when finished.If the box in front of the selected word, the connection can be involuntarily separated from each time you send or receive mail.

Sometimes the wrong mouse click you get a place in this dialog box when you do not understand. Click the check mark to make it disappear, and hang up is complete.


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