Frequency Considerations for Recreational two Way Radios

When you are on the market two-way radio for personal use, is important and right choice to make: What radio frequency band, ask for more? Frequency! transmitting clearly used the wireless communication methods such as the use of two radio you send, and send a message in the air - similar to that plane, which is carrying TV signals, radio signals malls, Ham radio, and literally lots and lots of signals from other two via private radio.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for checking all these communication signals, so they do not work in other to achieve this goal, they have booked bands for the use of certain types of communication (signal sending) devices. In what you will find two bands that are used for recreational purposes as shown 2 radios are called Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS).

In 1996, the FCC set aside a number of radio frequencies called the Family Radio Service (FRS) band, an obvious short-range radio transceivers (radios, which operate up to 2 miles away), which includes a low power ( up to 500 milliwatts, or half watt).
More than 50 years before the FCC created the FRS band we had booked a series of radio frequencies to two more channels than a larger scale, is the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) of the band. The group is for the GMRS radios with a power between watts and 5 and a range of more than two miles. The FCC regulates the two radios operating in the GMRS band and requires that users of this type of radio to get a license and pay a fee. The GMRS license is good for 5 years and costs $ 80.00, the license must be obtained by an adult (radios operating under the license can be used by minors, but only with the knowledge of the license and permission from an adult .) Visit the FCC Online for more information on GMRS license.

When you purchase two-way radio, a selection from a number of radio, which is just one of those bands or the number of radios that can operate on either of these bands. This configuration is, of course, must be based on the maximum distance between the radio users. If radios are used to two miles away, the FRS would be the biggest (and cheapest) choice. If more than necessary constantly, 2 way radios operate GMRS frequencies will be needed. If you need the distance is hesitant, or if you want the opportunity to occasionally send up to 5 km FRS / GMRS radio is to choose a hybrid.


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