you need to induce seen a one small tiny black heart your friends have to be adding to their Facebook status and profiles every so often. many even add these little black hearts to their wall posts. while you re chatting with people on Facebook, suddenly somebody sends you a tiny pink heart. how can you make a heart on Facebook is a question you have to be wondering about. The following instructions on how to make a heart shape on Facebook will help you express your self practically.

how will you Draw a Heart on Facebook?

 find out how to draw a heart on Facebook is a very simple process that requires just a few keyboard taps. All you need to do is use the subsequent codes:
  • Alt + 1 = ☺
  • Alt + 2 = ☻
  • Alt + 3 = ♥
  • Alt + 4 = ♦
  • Alt + 5 = ♣
  • Alt + 6 = ♠
  • Alt + 7 = •
  • Alt + 8 = ◘
  • Alt + 9 = ○
  • Alt + 10 = ◙
  • Alt + 11 = ♂
  • Alt + 12 = ♀
  • Alt + 13 = ♪
  • Alt + 14 = ♫
  • Alt + 15 = ☼
  • Alt + 1 + 6 = ►
  • Alt + 1 + 7 = ◄
  • Alt + 1 + 8 = ↕
  • Alt + 1 + 9 = ‼
  • Alt + 2 + 0 = ¶
  • Alt + 0169 = © Copyright Symbol
  • Alt + 0153 = ™ Trademark Symbol
  • Alt + 0174 = ® Registered Symbol
how will you Make a Heart on Facebook Status?

 you should have seen some people coming up with funny Facebook status messages. They even add small, tiny little black hearts and make their Facebook status more fascinating. All you need to do is enter an html code to add the heart symbol as part of your status message. What you see is a 'gif' image set by the heart symbol. simply type within the corresponding heart html code and get your emotions into your status.
  • & hearts ; - Heart
  • & spades ; - Spade
  • & clubs ; - Clubs
  • & diams ; - Diamonds
how will you Make a Heart on Facebook Chat?

You have the question how would you make a heart on Facebook chat running through your mind all day long. Just press '<' and 3 without space and press enter. You will be able to add a pink heart to any Facebook chat.


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