Wrong hard drive in 1950. The hard drive is also called a fossil. The hard disk is a flat disk that contains the magnetic field, plastic wrap and tape and diskettes. hard disk recorder functions. This is unlike the magnetic storage media. magnetic recording media is rewritable and erasable
Capacity and Performance
Hard disk capacity is between 10 to 40 gigabytes or more. Data is stored on disk as files. File consists simply of bytes. If your program runs on the PC hard disk retrieves the bytes and sends them to the CPU. The data rate is between five and 40 megabytes per second. This is called the data rate. When the CPU requests a file, and when the first file is sent from the HDD to the CPU is known as search time. The deadline is 10 and 20 milliseconds.

Hard Disk Failure
Previously, contact a specialist support service, it is better to know some of the main reasons for hard drive failure. A hard disk can fail in four ways :
Firmware corruption : Hard disk firmware is the program code in Hard disk. In case the Hard Disk is not readable that means the firmware of the hard disk has corrupted. It is recoverable, generally if the hard disk has been repaired or reprogrammed
Electronic failure : It depends upon the controller board of the Hard Disk. May be a power fault or shout storm may also cause this problem. The Hard Disk will probably be undetectable
Mechanical failure : it will ensue when the other the main computer which are related to the Hard Disk has become bad. It will do a clicking sound as soon as the computer is turning on. The Hard Disk will be high
Logical Error : It could be the challenge while using the files that are loaded in the hard disk. It could be the Os related files or the program files
There are lots of ways to resolve these issues. Some of the available options are as follows :
Changing the Hard Disk can resolve the issue
The data recovery Program can resolve the issue
Reloading O/S will resolve the issue


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