what on earth is Twitter and the way Does it Work

What is Twitter?

tweet is any micro running a blog and social networking site that makes it possible for members to post messages or updates regarding themselves in as many as 140 characters. those short messages are called tweets and members can also add hyperlinks to tweets. cheep is also a great device for marketing, amongst many public relation agencies reaching out to Twitter as the latest tool for buzz marketing. numerous celebrities also use Twitter to connect with their fans and to spread word about their projects and performances.

Twitter is your brainchild of Jack Dorsey, who played around with your idea from using SMS to speak which includes a small group. The original name of the service they worked towards creating was twitter which was a adopt Flicker. Jack Dorsey also carries said about any name inside the service, "came upon the word "twitter," and it was just perfect. cheep was made as any site for any general public in 2006. at present the website has almost 100 million clients from all within the world.
Members can drive out tweets using the website or with any help of programs available with wise phones and even through SMS. The website has no registration costs. Hopefully this answers your question about what exactly twitter and the way does it function, are defined in our section below.

So how does cheep Work?

So how does chirp work? this method that Twitter uses is per agnostic message routing approach that accepts letters from SMS, cell, time messaging, websites, perhaps third party API or application programming border projects. The modern advances that Twitter uses has very basic features of social networking unlike other networking websites like Facebook or MySpace. to get a user, tweet has a very minimal interface. after set up your account and are comfortable updating tweets, you can build your network by inviting users to grasp you, learning how to get more followers on chirp and next other member's updates. Twitter has quite a few limitations, one of the foremost being your inability of updating added that 140 characters at a time. the fundamentals of this particular micro running a blog webshop, from a user's viewpoint are extremely easy to grasp.

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