The most common problem faced by a PC when it gets infected with a virus is malfunctioning of the task manager.
precisely what is Task Manager?
The Windows task manager is one of the very relevant tools that has become by default loaded in the computer. If a program has not been responding, that is affecting the speed and overall performance of other programs, you could simply open the duty manager and shut that particular program completely. The task manager could very well be opened with right clicking around the 'Start' button's bar along at the pretty bottom of the screen, burning CTRL-ALT-DEL or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC in the computer keyboard, or perhaps typing in 'TASKMGR' which are run column and pressing 'Enter'. while taking any steps to permit the task manager, you require to scan the internal system using a good antivirus program. tell us the way to enable task manager disabled from virus.
How to Enable Task Manager?
Task Manager Repair Software
should you not want in take the chance of altering the default settings through the registry inside the computer, you should use a program meant for that purpose. besides, the interface of those software applications is plus very easy to function.
Modifying the Computer's Registry Settings
Windows XP: If you are thinking how you can enable task manager in Windows XP, step one you be required to last is to click on the 'Start' knob, elite run, variety 'REGEDIT', and lobby 'Enter'. The 'registry editor' window will be viewed. within the options over the left side of the porthole, locate the associate 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system'. within the right section of the transom, you d see a file named 'DisableTaskMgr' which you need to remove. prior to deleting that report, the system will be ask for a confirmation, after which the march is going to be deleted. After you have done this, find the link 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system' during the same manner as before. remove the 'DisableTaskMgr' funnel from this window also. presently exit the 'registry editor' display. revive your system and you will be able with open the task supervisor utility. note more on 7 easy ways to speed up home windows XP.
when you opt to delete the 'DisableTaskMgr' column from the Windows registry, it ll be very trying to allow the task boss again in case of an issue later. for that reason, one good option is a good way to change the quantity in the boolean section on one to zilch, which can be done by double-clicking within the 'DisableTaskMgr' option.
Windows vista: when you are thinking how you can enable duty supervisor in vista Home Basic or Home Premium, you can follow the practice of switching the boolean slice rate from each you can nought. Select the 'Start' fasten, key in 'gpedit.msc', and hit 'Enter'. The 'Local association Policy Editor' transom will open; after which you need to locate the network 'User Configuration-Administrative Templates-System-CTRL ALT DEL Options'. Double-click on the 'Remove duty Manager' selection, exclusive 'Disabled', and finally click on 'OK'. this can get your duty executive utility back.

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