The businessmen prefer to move netbooks because of their small size and relatively long battery life. By combining these benefits are in the best netbook around the operating system offers the user a great machine to work with technology options. Netbooks are mini-laptop of any kind, and is designed primarily for people who want to run a Web-based applications and other documents in the labor movement. This portability has a price, however, that results in a smaller screen, less multimedia features and, of course, much weaker processor. The advantages of the netbook is also gathering information on a Netbook Vs laptop
Top Netbook OS
All major computer manufacturers began to develop mechanisms for this segment now, and you can make a detailed comparison netbook to find the best possible choice for you. One factor that will help you with this decision is the operating system running on netbook. Needless to say, to choose a machine with the best netbook OS will be very beneficial for you. That said, here are some candidates for the best OS for netbooks.
Linux Mint
The new netbook users, or of Linux Mint should choose their operating system of choice. This is a very simple operating system to use, and is very accessible. You'll get great options box, and if you plan to use your laptop for simple web-based features, this OS will be enough for you. The best part of this operating system it's free. If you consider to be the best netbook 2010, then the OS should be on your wish list, because it is a worthy candidate for the title of best netbook OS. Those interested in a Linux-based operating system should also take a look at Ubuntu Netbook Remix.
This is the second Linux-based operating system, and was published in 2008. This operating system has been developed exclusively for netbooks, so it knows how to get the best out of your car. All features and functions designed to achieve optimal performance on small screens, processors and low power, and this makes the operating system very friendly and helpful. If you want to use the operating system that makes full use of all the advantages of mini-laptop, you need to look beyond Jolicloud. Moreover, like all other operating systems based on Linux, this operating system is also free for anyone to use it.
For those who only make web applications and services in the cloud of netbooks is a good choice for the best netbook OS around. The various applications and widgets developed by Google in the desktop operating system, and also provides the user with Open Office for documentation. The interface is very easy to use and easy to use and can use hundreds of different services to provide data directly to your desktop. The developers have gone out of their way to make these operating systems as useful and enjoyable as possible, and the end result is something that leaves the customer satisfied with their netbook profound experience.
windows 7
Released for sale in October 2009, Windows 7, the successor is not as popular on Windows Vista. And it was a great success. Many people say that Windows 7 is to take over the presence of Windows XP, which was a huge success. You can use the new and surprising in this operating system, and this, combined with some excellent security. When you realize that these properties are not tax the battery, you will find that this is without doubt the best netbook OS 2010. Many of the online questionnaires, and reviews also point out the same. If you want the best mini-laptop OS, Microsoft Windows 7 would be the first option.
This is the Apple OS that runs on every Mac, and is an ideal choice for a lover of Apple Computers. If you can not think of using another operating system on your netbook, then this is the best option for you. The operating system will be slightly modified since Apple does not design the OS to run on non-Apple machines. For this reason, this operating system also known as 'Hackintosh' .You must remember that all the functionality of your netbook may not be compatible with this operating system, and you also have to make a thorough investigation before going ahead and install OS X on the best netbook on the market.

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