Tips for iPhone 4 parts repair

Countless iPhone 4 repair parts are available. Then, a way to choose the right replacement parts for your iPhone 4? Here are few tips for yourself.

About iPhone 4 back cover

Do you like the dresses in rags, and then go into the street in public? Not much, except for the hippies. If there is something wrong with the iPhone 4 rear, you will not care and leave him alone? I certainly think the answer is NO.

When your iPhone 4 covers the lower back little wear, has spoiled, or so old, if you want, you can replace it with a brand new. Still, there's so little of 2 to 4 parts iphone in the back cover: camera and a flash. They may be those that bad taste you can not be approached with care, but is it really necessary to 4.Flash iPhone diffuser is used to keep the flash lamp, camera lens of the camera. These two neighbors are both plastic and transparent, so they are very fragile, if you put your phone on your desk or other rough holds. Be careful.

About iPhone 4 digitizer

Phone 4 has been fiercely loved it when it was listed. People love its robust features, new design and short visual appeal. But are the first who played their iPhone with 4 to find an error in their "Retina Shows" and a metal strip antenna. Hopefully, this obstacle is only temporary and it will go alone.

Nonetheless, iPhone 4 stays warmly welcome. Why?

Like the iPhone 4 digitized, this huge display high resolution can be a pleasant experience for adopters. With a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and 326 pixels per inch density, the iPhone Crams four other graphics capabilities and a 3.5 inch space than any other gadget. For everyone who is a true lover of the iPhone, it does not drop this part of the repair of four easily?


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