Need to know how to back up, copy and burn Wii games? If you need to back up, copy and burn a game your copied, than you will need some kind of programs, but what program tool is best?
A way to Back Up Wii Games?

To back up a game you will need a software program which will decrypt the experience it's protection. This way, you'll have the ability to fully copy the full game and all of it's features to an empty disc.

  • Insert the original disc inside your computer.

  • Create a back up from the original Wii game.

  • Last the original disc out, and change it with an empty disc.

  • Burn the back up game files to the empty disc.

  • Once again you have done all these very simple steps, than you have successfully copied, backed up and burned a Wii game which you can use for safe keeping or anything else!

    How you can get the Programs to Back up Wii Games?

    There are several software programs on-line that tell you that they can easily back up, copy and burn the games for your needs. Are there many applications online that can do this? There's only 1 that you ll trust on...Game Copy Wizard....

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