I do not know what the ratio of computers sold in recent times have laptop vs. desktop, but it is certain that the laptop is on the rise. There are many advantages of portable computers. There are many options when you configure a laptop computer (processor, hard disk, RAM, graphics card, monitor size, units, etc.) and I'm not going to discuss it.
Portability is probably the greatest advantage of laptops because you can work, surf the Web, all you use a computer almost anywhere. Unfortunately, portability also creates the greatest risks and concerns of laptop owners. Besides the monetary impact of a laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, the loss is biggest concern of data on your hard drive. Backup data on your hard drive is recommended for any computer, but even more for a laptop. If you do not have much data to save, you can use a USB key, but you must remember to save your data on it periodically. External hard drives are available with tons of storage, they are very affordable, and some can be programmed to automatically back up your data at certain intervals.
If you want to save a lot of information on external hard drive is the best option. If you have any music or video files that are not interested in the backup, because you have the original CD or DVD, you can use an external drive to save the file and you do not need to put the laptop's hard disk. This allows you to save money by buying a smaller hard drive on your laptop.
My personal favorite is a portable TV tuner accessory. For less than $ 100, a TV tuner for your laptop, you can see on the television broadcast, cable and satellite TV and record TV on your laptop. If you have a high definition display many tuners are compatible with HD signals.
Guard conducted air laptop needs an antenna. Some tuners are built-in antenna, while others come from outside the desktop antenna the size of a bottle of beer or soda. larger antennas are only cost about $ 30. Your reception depends on the city you live and how you live in the radio station, but if you live in a big city is a good opportunity for you to watch over the air broadcasting in their own backyard or tailgate party. Watching TV via cable or satellite subscription requires the tuner is connected to cable or satellite.


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