Inspire you StoreIs Amazon or Sony eReader better storage of books and reading device wireless? Let us look at the subtleties that will help you decide what you like better - the Sony eReader and Amazon Kindle.
Amazon Kindle eReader and two Sony models exist in entirely different, smaller versions of larger players that may even offer touch technology. Amazon Kindle is the ancestor of electronic readers, to be sure. Amazon Kindle coming in its first generation, the Kindle 2, Kindle in collaboration with the DX. 1. generation Kindle offers the convenience of reading strains to connect wirelessly to the Kindle Store gives you access to over 360,000 books and publications, and can contain more than 200 pounds in the memory. It weighs only 10.3 grams and can be packaged conveniently in your wallet or purse.
The Kindle 2 is the latest Kindle reader base. Backed by the strength of the Amazon name is the device for reading the most effective wireless network roughly1 / 3 inch thick and as regards the weight of a paperback book. You get books wirelessly to contracts, fees (except the price of the book) and do not need to find a wireless access point can even get books abroad. The Amazon Kindle 2 reads like a book and can hold up to 1,500 pounds. Read-Me technology allows Kindle 2 read aloud to your account.
Our Amazon Kindle DX is often an excellent read for someone who will download and read PDF files on the drive of his. Other readers here is a PDF converter, but not DX, and some believe that the best wireless reading device. DX has a bigger screen that the Kindle 2, but it is still slim and easy. Touch, Pocket Edition, with PRS-505 is all on the list of Sony players. Everyone can connect and download via your PC or Mac, and download course books and publications wireless, too.
The Touch uses touch technology to create easy navigation. Turn the pages by simply swiping your finger and take notes with the stylus. Access to books and publications of all Sony eBookstore and access to more than 500,000 titles of collective dominance through Google. Can not contain more than 350 books for your touch Sony Reader at a time.
Sony Pocket Edition provides the same functionality as Sony Touch, unless you do not get a touch screen Pocket Edition. The display is slightly better, five inches, which makes Sony Pocket Edition truly portable and convenient.
The PRS-505 has a capacity of 160 pounds with memory slots to add to your collection of electronic books. As you can see, the Amazon and Sony players have much to offer. Before buying an electronic reader, verify that the Kindle and Sony Reader yourself. You will find a player who perfectly fits your style!

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