Here you can discover ways to troubleshoot laptop battery or laptop to charge. Here is a common list of laptop battery fault with him the causes and possible solutions.
Problem: The laptop battery can sometimes get loads when the power cord is wiggle

Possible Causes and Solutions:

The lack of previous battery charger indicates that the adapter or the laptop itself has a problem. To isolate the fault, you must first test the adapter with a voltmeter. If the adapter has a normal output voltage, then probably the socket on the motherboard is faulty. In this case, it is necessary to replace or resolder the power connector on the motherboard of the laptop.

Problem: After laptop battery reaches critical period, it will run out quickly
Possible Causes and Solutions:

The ruling above the battery indicates the battery is defective. Due to old age, the laptop battery often act abnormally, for example, the above symptoms. Laptop battery manufacturers believe a average life should be between 2-3 years. If the battery has reached this stage, the only solution is to replace the battery.
Problem: The laptop can not detect the battery more

Possible Causes and Solutions:

If you are 100 percent sure you have correctly installed and the battery in your laptop into the battery compartment of the laptop but the laptop can not find your battery when you connect to Windows, the problem lies only on the two components. There are two main factors for this delay, the battery or the motherboard of the laptop is defective. To resolve this problem, you must replace the battery with a job or a new one. If the error persists after replacing the battery, then you probably have a bad motherboard. Either the battery terminal that connects the battery and the motherboard is faulty or the driver circuit of the motherboard of laptop, which controls the battery power of the laptop. The solution is to replace the motherboard or make a repair to component level on the laptop motherboard.

Problem: Laptop battery, but disables detects when the AC adapter cord is removed from the laptop and disconnected the main power source.
Possible Causes and Solutions:

After you log into Windows, so now you know is that this battery for ones laptop, because it shows the battery icon in the system tray of the remaining charge of the battery and the computer says it is charging . But when you pull the AC adapter, the laptop turns off. The probable causes of these problems is maybe the battery is not inserted properly or the battery contacts are dirty because of dirt or something. If these could be the cause, try using a toothbrush and rub the battery terminal that connects the battery towards the motherboard of the laptop and connect the battery and make sure it fits properly . If replacing the battery still will never solve the problem, of course, the problem has to do along with the motherboard. Maybe load the motherboard circuitry is damaged or not working. In this case, you will have to component level on the motherboard or replace the entire motherboard.

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