Unlike television shows tell you, like CSI, NCIS, or more advanced forensic techniques are done  in a laboratory, but the computer terminal. Today's top cops to get the job done advanced computer  algorithms, monitoring, and nabbing the bad guys in ways that were not even imagined fifty years ago. Now more than ever, fewer criminals are caught in a test tube and fingerprint duster, but the advanced pc applications.

What on earth is digital forensics has two main applications.
There are even more advanced technologies such as facial recognition software and voice print identification using complex algorithms to help the police solve cases. Unless you live in extreme rural areas, you can run, but you can never hide.

Ultimately, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet their physical and cyber tracks. But rest assured, while identity theft is more common for computer forensics professionals to catch the thieves are constantly improving their own methods as well.
Computers are used every day to commit or facilitate crime. It's scary, but with broad aspects of our lives through databases available online (including social media) is much easier for criminals to determine information about your request. Researchers have powerful tools at their disposal to track cyber crime and to determine who was the author. The second application of forensic science is the use of computers to perform tasks that are more traditional policing. For example, things like the location via credit card or cell phone triangulation is to go through computer programs.

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