Why are My Computer So Slow? Speed Up Your Computer right away

Per computer shines with its great performance for it's new. Your pc seemly slow day by day is a genuine cause for alarm. In case you fall in to the category of slow pc owners read on to choose the answer to why is my pc so slow.

1) So many plans running on the system at start up.
This a specific is obvious. For those who have way too many software that start off when you boot your system, it will make your machine slow.
Solution: Go to start -> run -> Type in "msconfig" and hit Enter. Under the system configuration utility, look in to the startup tab and remove any program you don't need on the start up by simply un-checking it.
2) Fragmented disk.
Fragmented files are created any time you add or remove a program from your computer and change or remove them. A number of un-continuous chunks of disk sectors are created which makes the movement of the read and write head time consuming and slows down your computer so much you start asking why my computer so slow.
3) Active desktop.
Solution: Go to run -> Type "gpedit.msc" -> user configuration -> administrative templates -> desktop -> Look for and disable active desktop.
4) Virtual memory setting.
Set the virtual memory to at least 2 times your systems memory size. Virtual memory always has a big effect on the running speed of your computer.
Solution: Go to start menu -> CP -> system -> advanced -> performance -> advanced system settings -> advanced in pop-up window -> settings -> advanced -> change virtual memory.
5) Registry:
Running a system and registry scanner or cleaner is a must for any system that's been used for a decent amount of time. A registry is a database of all your settings in the system with entries for programs installed. This leads to sluggish and slow computers and will leave you asking why my computer so slow.
Solution: Use a system and registry cleaner that lists out many of the incorrect entries and fixes them automatically.


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