Before knowing what is a proxy server, let's have a brief idea of what on earth is a server. For example, a file server is a machine that maintains files and allows clients to upload and download files from it. Similarly a web server serves the websites and allows the net users to access these websites.

Proxy Server

whenever a client connects towards the proxy server, it requests for a connection, file or another resource which is available on a different server. The proxy server either by linking to the particular server or by serving it from a cache gives the resource. Sometimes, it may even alter the client's request or the server's response for various reasons.
When the server receives a request for an Internet service such as a web content request from a client, the server passes filtering requirements, acts as a cache server and searches in its local cache of earlier downloaded web pages. In an enterprise that makes use of the Internet, a proxy server serves as a mediator between a workstation user and the Internet. Whenever a user requests a web page which is accessed by some other hosts, the proxy server instead of retrieving the page from the content provider, employs the cached (stored) data.

Types of Proxy Servers

Transparent Proxy Server: This type of proxy server makes the original IP address accessible through the http headers, and has an ability to hoard websites lacking effecting the anonymity of those who use them.

Anonymous Proxy: This type of proxy server is perceptible but doesn't make the original IP address available, hence maintains reasonable obscurity for most of the users.

Distorting Proxy: one of these proxy server creates a wrong original IP address which is accessible by the http headers.

High Anonymity Proxy: This type of proxy server does not distinguish itself as a proxy server and doesn t makes the original IP address accessible throughout http header.


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