The latest variety of portable computers were introduced in the form of netbooks. Life used to be simple when there were just desktop computers or laptop computers to choose from. Now you need to choose concerning desktops and netbooks.
Difference Between Netbook and Notebook
Netbooks are lightweight and fast mini-computers that are fast cutting with the laptop computer market share. Notebooks or laptops are your quintessential portable computers, which provide all the features of a desktop computer with the added luxury of portability. Let us associate netbook and notebooks, according to design considerations and utility factors.
Netbook Vs Notebook: Size, Weight & Battery Life
Netbooks are a lot more lighter and smaller than notebooks, which is a big advantage for users who are tired of carrying heavy laptop bags. To sum up, in relation to size, weight and battery life comparison, netbook is the clear winner in the notebook vs netbook debate.
Netbook Vs Notebook: Speed & Functionality
Netbook is essentially designed for net based applications and therefore it has a processor with a comparatively low clocking speed, compared to a notebook. The RAM offered in a netbook is therefore lower than that offered in a notebook. On the subject of speed and multitasking, a notebook computer is a hands down winner.
Netbook Vs Notebook: Cost
In case you have a look at netbook costs, you will find that they cost less than half of high end notebooks.
Netbook Vs Notebook: Verdict
Netbooks cannot be used as a substitute for notebooks, but as a possible added accessory. It can be an ultra portable device compared to a notebook. A netbook is computing power, stripped down to its bare essentials, offered at a very economical price. For high multitasking demands, gaming and high end computing power, notebooks remain the supreme choice.


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