ways to Hook Up PS3 to Internet

The earliest thing you need to handle is look at the local laws about copyright. You can usually get a backup of a Wii game, if you already have the original game. You also need to do the backups for your own use, and not borrow them to anyone. This is usually the situation, but you need to know for sure, so find out what the local law is. There is no point in going to jail because you wanted to do a backup of your games right?

You obviously can't copy a game by using the Wii console, so you need a PC to do it suitable for you. The type of DVD drive you need matters, so make sure you get a DVD drive from the LG816 series. I recommend one of these: 8163b, 8162b or 8161b. Google should get you all the information you need on this matter. A fast search will provide you with the needed information, and Ebay can be a good source for one of these drives.
Besides the LG DVD drive you will also need a application called Easy Backup Wizard. You will use this software to create an image of the Wii game DVD.
Your first stair would be to put the DVD in the drive. Next, start the Easy Backup Wizard application and load the DVD. It will take some time for the ISO file to be created, so be patient. This ISO file is the backup of the game, stored on your computer. Next, check the properties inside the file and find out what size it is. It needs to be 4.7 Gb in size, equivalent as a game DVD.
Your next step would be to burn the new DVD, with the backup of the Wii game. You can use any piece of program to burn the DVD. Make sure you use a good quality DVD for you do the backup.
Now, these new DVD's you just created can't be played with a normal Wii FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" console. You need to put a modchip in it, or use an SD card modification.


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