Server is funny thing. Keeping your server safe is surely an ongoing process. When considering how to finest secure each Per dedicated server is a sign of success for any SMB. The reasons to move into a dedicated server are varied - a high volume of web traffic, a transaction heavy database, complex utility necessities, or a combination of many and other requirements- but whatever the motive, a dedicated server brings forceful capabilities to growing and founded businesses alike. Securing any network attached web or software server (and really, a web server is just a specialized application) is a tricky proposition. Consider a large concert or sporting event. A firewall is needed to aid stop brute force, denial of service style attacks.
Often emanating from compound unsecured servers located overseas, a DoS attack will pound your server with useless traffic, overwhelming resources and rendering the server unavailable for real users. A quality firewallFPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" uses rules based the means to access filter and block malicious traffic whilst allowing legitimate traffic through. Intrusion protection takes a slightly more sophisticated approach to this, blocking harmful traffic on the source, placing compromised hosts in quarantine and routing qualified user traffic instantly and effectively.

If the firewall represents your front line defenders, your IPS (intrusion protection service) in effect goes behind enemy lines. Having firewall and IPS safety in place is only the first step. The overlooked word for so many dedicated server providers is 'managed'. If your provider offers managed services, you are a step ahead of the game. A high end provider already has 24/7/365 staffing. but if your provider offers managed firewall and intrusion protection, it's a no brainer to add those services to your IT arsenal. If your provider doesn't offer firewall and IPS, maybe it's time to start looking at other providers.


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