Added than a decade need passed since the initial StarCraft was launched. More than a decade of waiting for a sequel for the biggest competitive real-time strategy video game of all times. Every so often,
Blizzard presented Q&A (Questions & Answers) batches, info concerning the all new units, structures, as well as lore, pod casts (Blizz casts), video casts (Battle Reports) and in addition topic from Karune (Kevin Yu) on the Battle Net Discussion Boards. Blizzard paid attention to the community of avid gamers which made Star Craft exactly what it is nowadays.

On February this year, StarCraft II ongoing blocked beta testing, along with beta keys selling on eBay for rates as high as $400 to play the game and see the latest Star Craft II changes.
"Reports of Zerg activity have been arriving from across the globe, and we necessity you to fend off the Swarm that's set to arrive this summer with the launch of Star Craft II: Wings of Liberty," stated Blizzard.
Let's take a look at Top 10 Star Craft 2 Changes, for compared while using the first Star Craft:
10) Individual units are hard to recognize and thus micro efficientl y, while in Star Craft units were immediately identifiable.
9) StarCraft II is loaded with lots of units on-screen, with Colossus lighting getting in the way of units and challenging players.
8) The Twilight Archon looks worthy of the Protoss, in comparison with its predecessor.
7) The Protoss Phoenix is tremendous replacement to the Scout; I particularly really liked its Overload flexibility.
6) The newest cordon tank seems to be like a toy, dispersing its legs. Was it too imprecise?
5) In StarCraft II, teleportation surely is not player competence, it's bargain unit skill (see Stalker).
4) Some units in Star Craft II are similar to ninjas and War Craft rip-offs, expressly the Marines along with the "Crypt Fiends".
3) LAN support will not be included in StarCraft II; players are required to authenticate with so they can play.
2) StarCraft II buildings are so blocky; while in the classic StarCraft buildings are usually metallic and shiny.
1) StarCraft II should reward individuals who practice more to be a acceptable successor of Star Craft. There's too greatly automatization in the sequel, which will reduce the returns of extreme exercising. A few Koreans gamers are going to be extremely angry about this one, which happens to be number 1 on our list.


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