System Restore doesn't Do the trick

Prior to, we talk about fixing this problem, let's find out the factors important for System Restore not working. Many a times, System Restore does not work in Vista, Windows XP or Windows 7 as a consequence of insufficient hard disk space. At least 200 MB of free hard disk space becomes necessary for System Restore to function properly. If the disk space is less, System Restore will be disabled. Once the space required for the data is available, System Restore starts saving and creating the restore points until this space is full.
System Restore Is not going to Perform well: Solutions

System Restore gets disabled either due to a deficiency of disk space or due to registry changes made by certain viruses. In case, System Restore doesn't work when you boot routinely, you can try to restore your computer in safe mode. If you have a System Restore disk in your optical drive when your computer boots, the computer must boot to the restore disk, and not in your hard drive. Follow the instructions to perform a System Restore. In case Windows XP System Restore does not work, you are able to boot your system from your Windows XP CD . After the reconfiguration of the system files, System Restore will start working again.
Now you am aware that what to do when System Restore doesn't work.


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