web server, there are endless options. That server is totally secure, but not very useful. This server may be practical, but not for lengthy. Striking the balance between security and availability is the goal, and then the only way to achieve that is by means of a tightly managed ongoing process.

keeping your security edge means constant updates to filters and blacklists, regular application of security patches, and around the clock staffing. Two things hold true - owning and operating a bulletproof security is very expensive, and cutting corners on security will end in disaster. Smart, responsible business can't afford either of those options. By integrating a managed services provider into your security processes, you off load the most time consuming and expensive aspects, maximizing your investment by leveraging economies of scale that wouldn't otherwise be possible. There's scant comparison between a firewall appliance which you buy at the area office superstore and a industry grade firewall capable of procession millions of requests per moment.

Suitable security for your
dedicated serverFPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" should be an end to end process ingrained in your corporate culture. If you're web server is already managed by a quality dedicated server provider, they should offer firewall, intrusion protection, anti-virus and other security services. if the provider doesn't offer sturdy security features, or if you're nonetheless providing your own server management and security, it's time to strongly consider other options.


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