Nonetheless have the black laptop in hand? have you ever seen the white laptop? Laptop AC adapter is additionally the classical black as this gateway PA-1650-01 AC adapter.
right here post the materials that belong to the white laptop shell. And share with you the secrets of the white laptop.
It's known materials notebook, and carbon fiber alloy, which has ultra thin, high rigidity and other characteristics and intensity is 1.2 times the aluminium-magnesium alloy. for any carbon fiber, it's lighter than the aluminium-magnesium alloy. In general, heavier oil, resembling ball pen stain, oil pen and other stains left behind, and other traditional materials in the magnesium alloy are difficult to remove. notwithstanding, it can be erased on carbon alloy material. when you are bored to clean the laptop, especially for the white laptop shell, you'd better choose the traditional silver one. just like the gateway PA-1650-01 AC adapter, it's easy to keep it for it's black.


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