An operating system has the flexibility to position the computer in the protected mode, wherein programs are given a limited access to computer resources.

Execution of applications

packages in execution are known as processes. The execution of a program requires the operating system to create processes. The operating system kernel creates a process by oading program code from the disk and allocating memory to it earlier than running the program.

User Interface

Users interact with operating systems by means of command line interfaces or graphical user interfaces. still graphical user interface cannot be called as an operating system service, many operating systems integrate support for user interfaces into their kernels. Memory  


The operating system  kernel handles the allocation and management of memory that programs use. This strategy was used by operating systems of old times. Modern operating systems implement segmentation and paging mechanisms facilitating memory protection, whereby all the computer programs can obtain a fair share of memory for execution. The operating system kernel controls the amount of  memory allocated to application plans.  

Interrupt Handling

An operating system has to deal with unexpected events in course execution. If a piece of computer hardware triggers an interrupt, the operating system kernel devises ways to handle it. Interrupts triggered by running programs can also be handled from the operating system kernel.

Management of Files

Operating systems are in charge of handling the application program access to files stored on the disk. The operating systems in earlier days did not support different types of file systems. But the relatively recent operating systems, like Unix and Linux, implement  a virtual file system allowing  various types of programs, acquire a wide variety of system resources and devices that use distinctive file systems.File systems are methods used for storing and managing computer files and data.

Computer Security

I am sure you are aware of multiple user profiles on operating systems. topical developments in technology have introduced biometry to operating systems.

Computer Networking

Operating systems support a variety of networking protocols, whereby, computers running different operating systems can work some a typical network. The operating system support for networking protocols enables the computers to access resources on remote computers in fairly simple ways. We can say that operating systems play an important role in facilitating user access to computer systems. They schedule computer tasks, control access to resources; they manage computer memory, they operate files. Then pass through Linspire Operating System.



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