For my certainly has no sound, it surely pisses me off like hell! I am a guy addicted to music and my pc is my jukebox. So, you can comprehend my situation when the sound on my pc is silenced! Over the years, whenever my pc has no sound at all, I have learned to troubleshoot the problem with experience. Here are the host of reasons why your pc usually will not have sound along with instructions on how you could fix the problem in each case.

Accidentally Muted Audio Output
My mom is not so much into pcs and often when she uses my pc, she accidentally mutes the sound by clicking over the desktop sound icon. Check whether that's the problem in your case.
Fix: I assume that you just are using Windows XP or Windows Vista. Click on the speaker icon on your tool bar below and see to it that the audio is 'unmuted' and there is no cross on the speaker icon. That should restore sound.
Speaker troubles
Regularly, one of the more likely reasons for my pc having no sound is a issue with the pc or laptop speakers. Connecting the sound card with the wrong output port, at the back of the pc, may be the reason for your pc having no sound. Another reason may very well be the cutting out of power to your speakers, due to wire being disconnected. Lastly, your speakers may have quit on you, due to some electrical problem. The volume set by the speakers may have been set into the lowest level. confirm out for all these cases.
Fix: but if it's because of the speakers quitting on you, just get them replaced. ensure that the speaker wires are connected in the right positions and especially check that the sound card audio output port is connected while using the speakers. Check for loose wires and connections. Which may restore sound.
Sound Card Driver Problem
but if nothing's wrong while using the speaker, then you need to check if the audio output port has a signal at all. You can check this out, by directly connecting the headset with the audio output port of the sound card and test it. If the system has no sound, you may have a problem with the sound driver application. Confirm the sound devices and their drivers installed through 'Control Panel'.
Fix: When I knew that my pc had no sound device, this is what I did. I made a re-installation of my audio driver within the appropriate installation CD. It immediately restored sound.
Sound Card Hardware Failure
If you have reinstalled the audio drivers again and still there is no sound, then you have a serious problem on 'cards'. Chances are that your chosen sound card has quit on you. To check that, you may have to consult a pc technician.
Fix: You will have to install a new sound card which may cost you around $60. Ask them if the sound card is compatible with the motherboard of your pc. A new sound card will surely bring back sound.


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