Tip # 1
Most people think which restarting and resetting implies one and the same thing, but they commonly are not! Restarting is the process when the mainframe is made to shut down (normally) and then made to start again after the common rebooting process that the computer undergoes. When you reset a laptop, you are shutting it down forcefully and then starting it again. For resetting is done, the Laptop will not be allowed to shut down in the normal way, but restarting allows that to happen.

Tip # 2
The laptop must never be shut down by any method except through the Shut Down menu provided. Never must the mainframe be shut down by powering it off directly from the AC mains. This will cause irreparable damage into the hard disk.
This is in fact the simplest way to maintain your Laptop. Scanning shows you all the bad and corrupt files located on your computer.
Let the mainframe start completely, then enter into the Start Up software and remove those which you don't need to load at startup. These programs will only slow down your Laptop drastically.
Tip # 3
somebody knowing an iota of computers will tell you how an antivirus is important to your Laptop, if you are using the online. Remember to run the antivirus scan regularly. While antivirus software is the cure, firewalls could very well be considered as the prevention. When you set up a firewall, you are restricting all kinds of unauthorized accesses to your Laptop.
Tip #4
Spyware is a term used to describe several unauthorized applications that install on your notebook when you browse the web, and then they create a connection between your notebook and the host server. These programs can relay private information from your mainframe towards the host server. This will make your Laptop run slow and may cause damage to the disk even.
Tip # 5
Temp files are fashioned when you are working on any application on your computer. These are not user-readable files, although they are records for any computer to use the applications easily the next time.


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