The simplification of part amounts is a strong movement in the industry at the moment, and it's been pioneered by HP.

DeskJet and also Office Jet ink cartridges might be now easily numbered with two to three-digit codes, such as the 45. With the print head included, it makes replacing it a load cheaper.

When the print head is separated from the ink tanks, it is typically very expensive and hard to find, so if it clogs at 2am while you print out your senior thesis, you're out of luck. With the HP system, it is easy to run to Walmart at 2am, remember the simple "45" code, and viola, you have a new working print head and ink!

Ink Jet Cartridges are a vital evil, just as gasoline during our cars. Laser printers offer lower operating costs and higher speed, however ink jets are lower upfront cost and superior resolution for photographs. Ink Jet, Laser, Dye-sub, the war between the types will be fought forever.


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