So if you're searching for a pink laptop, but don't want to spend all your cash or take a chunk out of your student lend, read on!

Dell Inspiron 15
The Dell Inspiron 15 is our pick of the bunch on the subject of getting the biggest bang for your buck. It's fully wealthy with some great gear like an Intel Dual Core processor, 2GB RAM and it even comes with Windows 7. Base models start at آ£349, but if you check out our homepage you'll find some awesome Dell deals. The Asus Eee PC is the best option if you're after a pink netbook. With an awesome seashell design and plenty of power thanks to an Intel Atom N280 processor and 1GB of RAM, you'll be all set to compute on the move. The super light weight of 1.1kg, coupled with a sleek, thin profile proves that good things do come in small sizes. The 1008p model by top designer Karim Rashid features some stunning styles that'll really turn some heads in a library!
Acer Aspire One
yet another brilliant option is the Acer Aspire One, a tiny and stylish netbook with an 8.9" screen. The 1GB of RAM and Intel Atom processor mean you'll have no problem writing reports, surfing the internet and giving presentations. It's practical too, with a built in webcam, WIFI, 3G and SD card reader as standard.
Sony Vaio CW
If you've got a bit more cash to spend, the Sony Vaio CW could be right up your street.


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