Can downloading antivirus software package protect my computer from viruses?
Downloading antivirus software program is essential in any world where the threat of computer viruses is increasing all the time. As well as downloading antivirus computer software you can protect your computer further.
Update your computer or laptop
Hackers will work on accepted operating systems and exploit security loopholes they find. Microsoft continuously updates it software to reduce the risk of this happening. Usually update your personal machine with the latest software from Microsoft. Microsoft's website has the latest updates but it is best if you automate the update process. Automatic security updates may be set up in the Control Panel go to the Security section.
Disconnect From the Internet
To you are not using the web disconnect.
Email Scams and Spam
Viruses can spread fast via emails.
Be Vigilant
File sharing is common online. Use caution when downloading files. Should you have antivirus software this will scan any pressing files you wish to download.
Change Passwords
If you modify the passwords you use to each and every site it will be harder for cyber criminals to guess at your password. When browsing the web be aware and don't put your personal machine in danger.


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