It is kindly mentioned that all computers new and old have several type of virus protection installed on them. If you have experienced a virus you also know that even the best software protection can be vulnerable to the "next generation" of virus. What should be done if you discover a virus on your processor? Here is a short list of "must do" actions to last if your computer has a virus:
Be sure to remove all viruses to include spyware, root kits and malware.
Repair any issues with the operating system to include blue screens, boot issues and software failure.
  • Tweak and modify the system to your desired specifications.
  • Perform any critical updates for your system.
  • Test the system for appropriate functionality.
  • Calculate the cost for repairs needed to provide a complete solution
Here is the short list which includes securing an external hard drive to hook up into your system:

  • Transfer all data to a new computer or other appropriate media.
  • Configure online data backup system (requires subscription).
  • Install and configure hard drive to your system.
Trouble-shoot the mainframe thoroughly until the virus is located and identified.


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