when we talked a great number of ways to preserve a laptop, here will list a thorough one for your reference. Like my Toshiba PA3467U-1ACA AC adapter, it serves me for two years under good protection.

1. Computer ought to be placed throughout the clean room. Almost all computer dust will adversely affect the components, thus shortening its life or affect its performance. That is the equivalent to the Toshiba PA3467U-1ACA AC adapter, it's the same. As we all know that the laptop AC adapter is an extra heating center.

2. Computers surrounding the magnetic turf are strictly prohibited. Magnetic field will display, disk and other serious. test not to place cell phone near the laptop.

3. never transfer the computer main chassis work or subject it to shock and vibration, for the hard drive would get damaged by moving.

4. In dry form, be wary of the influence of static on computer accessories. Before direct contact with the circuit board, first self-discharge (various skills, to wash your hands, etc.) or take other insulation measures.

5. Should periodically energy, drive, floppy drive, internal chassis, monitor, keyboard, mouse, dust, etc. If inconvenient to handle, it may be done in the expertise. But you need to know there exists high-voltage circuit monitor, not reckless.

6. will not utilise alcohol or detergent wipe the display screen, and if necessary you can use water, but water must be adsorbed on the paper towel or cloth on top, not let water flow into the inside of any accessories. Toshiba PA3467U-1ACA AC adapter should be kept far away from humid environment.

7. Chassis screws can not be mixed with other conductors or very likely to cause short-circuit boards within the chassis, resulting in serious consequences.

8. should likewise keep a variety of boards and peripherals, computer CD-ROM and manual-driven, especially in the motherboard manual.

9. Do not use continuously for a very long time to drive, such as listening to music, watching DVDs and so on. You can song disc, such as copying the DVD onto the hard disk appreciates.

10. Not utilised for long time, it is recommended that you regularly switched about to remove moisture inside.


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