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It includes armloads of gaming benefits inside a sleek, restricted type and packages in the crate-load of particular functions as well. Over it all, this terrible boy arrives with an remarkably reduced price for what you'll get within the cover and that's anything you can't disregard.

The Alienware M14X AM14x-6667SBK 14-inch WLED HD (720p) Display screen is included with 1366x768 pixel resolution. It's an excellent dimension for average gaming, guaranteed, it comes with integrated 2.-megapixel High definition web camera.

it provides ultra-fast DDR3 system memory space (8 GB of installed DDR3 RAM 1333MHz) and dual graphics functions,helping you to save on battery life using the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 or increase your video gaming with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M with 1.5 GB of distinct memory space with Turbo Boost Technology. as well as space for storage,also its includes 750 GB SATA HDD hard drive (7200 RPM).

The Alienware M14X AM14x-6667SBK works with Ms Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) os and features 8-cell high-capacity battery which offers sufficient energy for approximately 6 hr on a single charge. additionally, it has a double-layer DVD drive and one standard USB 2. port, in addition to the two USB 3. ports are backward compatible.

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