Motherboard MSI Z68A-GD80 Z68 review

This new platform very promising and outstanding performance over the previous Core i7 i5. Overclocking was rumored to have died with the release, but in reality is a new bar was created with bullets that seemed to go well past 4.5Ghz (to taste) on the air. Just after launch, we examined a number of P67 motherboards, including MSI P67A-GD65 and were able to see the performance scale with professional advice.
One thing missing was the ability to use Intel HD 3000 graphics processors on our SKU K with P67 boards that this ability was limited to H67 based chipset, which in itself was limited by the inability to overclock limits Turbo Boost ratios. Now we have the best of both worlds with the release of the MSI motherboard chipset Z68 Z68A-GD80 I am today. Add in the dynamic switching and graphics Intel Smart Response technology and the latest chipset seems pretty interesting.

What you get with the MSI-Z68A GD80 motherboard is a fully featured all-use planning and military training of II, which contains DrMOS, Hi-C dynamic coupling capacitors and ferrite Super Genie REEL OC overclocking with one touch-points of tension control and more.

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