The Zippy BT-637 Featuring fast switching technology, users can easily switch between six different units within a few seconds, giving a smoother to any home entertainment environment.

Zippy BT-637 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is not only elegant, but also to provide advanced functionality and convenience of home theater enthusiasts. Encased in a sleek, glossy black and brushed aluminum trim in the end, this wireless keypad provides a fast exchange. In seconds, users can quickly switch to another media device, such as game consoles, Web TV, HTPC, portable Tablet PC, etc. In addition, with a touch pad allows users to browse the objects so simply by pressing the key up or down to just two fingers. Moreover, with the fast-touch keys provide instant access to commonly used applications.

Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth ZIPPY BT-637 is as follows:

• Bluetooth wireless technology for fast
• Included in touch Quick Menu
• Built-in touch pad with scroll function
• the integrated two-button mouse
• Range of 30 feet
• On / off to conserve battery life
It comes with a Bluetooth 2.0, allegro BT-637 is also compatible with Bluetooth 1.0 and works with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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