May be anybody playing as the Protoss and have to learn simple tips to counter a good Protoss player in SC2? It is quite difficult to win against equivalent race as they have all the same countering abilities as you do. So in order to win the match, you forever have to be one step ahead of the game.
For playing against the same race, it is essential to constantly spy and scout on your opponents base. This way, you will be able to prepare for any attack or tactic that he throws your way.
The root unit that you should typically go for in a match like this is Zealots. Compliment other units to the Zealots according to what you see your rival producing in his/her base.
A use of Void Rays are also crucial for you can use them to keep an eye out for incoming aerial attacks. If they are planning to do so, build yourself Stalkers as they are effective against air units and can defend simply.
If you watch your opponents building an army of Zealots and Stalkers, start producing your own Zealots and Colossus. Use your Zealots to protect your Colossus from direct attacks while it inflicts massive damage. If your enemy produces his own Colossus, defend against it by building an Immortal. They will stand no chance against such a moving unit. Recall to constantly scout on your enemies base. If you see Dark Templars in production, create Observers to detect them and use your army to wipe them out.
Playing against another good Protoss player may make it very tricky to win in Starcraft 2, however by constantly spying and with the right techniques, you will always come out on top.


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